Why  start a business?

Here are some reasons. 

For the Money:

              Money is always a good motivator. If we dream of being better off financially, have a plan and follow through it may work.  If we work hard using our plan we will stay focused and make progress. I don’t know of any person that started a business saying, ” I’m not really interested in making money, I will be happy if I just break even”.

            If you say, “basically I am in business because it is the thing to do,”  I believe it will be a formula for failure.  The goal must be to make a profit with the promotion of the sales and control of expenses because there is a risk.

For the Freedom:

            Some people start their own business because they want to have freedom to make their own decisions, free to come and go without punching a clock or freedom to grow bigger if they want to. Business freedom has some restrictions. You are not free to sluf off, not free to take time off anytime you want, not free spend money freely and you are not free to be nonchalant in managing.

For the Potential:

            Working at a job in most businesses means you have a salary that will increase a little each year. If you work hard, plan well, promote a business of your own that has potential for grow, you may become a Millionaire. I have seem lots of businesses grow steadily into millions of dollars of revenue and I have seen good businesses go downhill fast under very poor management.

           The potential for success yours to grab onto. Remember, there is lots of learn such as business risk, insurance coverage, websites, products and business skills.

For needed Income:

           Sometimes people are motivated to go into business because have lost their job.  I know someone like that who has a great little business now and she is making a nice income for herself. After working for a company for 13 years, showing dedication and loyalty she was given her pink slip at age 54. 

          That is a scary time in life to be laid off. Who wants you at that age when young people are lined up waiting for jobs.

For the Control:

          Sick of your manager giving you a hard time when you see others around you slacking off.  Being your own boss gives you the control to make decisions, to do things your way and implement your own programs.

          I remember managing a branch for a major company  many years ago and the frustrations that I went through day after day.  The sales were growing,  the customers were happy and the owner for some reason started putting more and more restrictions on my decision making. That was the day I decided to go into business for myself.

To Be Creativeness:

          Are you tired of hearing, “No, you can’t do that, this is how you do it” when you really believe there is a better way to do it because you have actually seen it done a different way and it worked. I have said many times, “We must be more creative in the way we advertise our products and services.”

          We need to learn how to package better, ship faster and bill more effectively. We can rise above our competition by being better and more innovative.

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